About Me

I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at UMass Lowell. I earned my PhD in Sociology at Texas A&M University in 2020, and MA in Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University in 2014.

I was born and raised in Connecticut by Puerto Rican teen parents. Everyday life in a state with such enormous income inequality shaped my concern for how people navigate structural barriers, especially at the intersection of race and gender.

As a sociologist today, I study how race and gender, as structures of inequality, are created, lived out, and contested in the context of the everyday. This means examining the strategies and ideologies social actors draw upon to navigate racism and sexism. I also pay special attention to how intimate labor — the paid and unpaid work we do to sustain ourselves and others across multiple domains — provides a mechanism for inequality to persist. Thus far I have predominately focused on these processes within online gaming and social media, but my more recent work explores the contexts of the university and the family.

My CV and descriptions of research projects are linked in the menu.